Terribly Tiny Talkies Re-incarnates Bapu!

bapu a short film by TTT

This independence day the Terribly Tiny Talkies pay tribute to the Indian motherland on its 69th freedom anniversary by re-creating the magic of Bapu’s words. In a short-film titled ‘Bapu’, the actors re-incarnate the Mahatma, in spirit, for a noble reason.

Set in magical Calcutta, the simplicity of the frames and the grave intensity of the film’s arc, woven closely together raise the right questions, leaving lingering thoughts long after the credits have rolled. A tale of responsibility, humility and most importantly about  drawing closely from the teachings of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the father of our nation, the short film is an experience that lays emphasis on the traits which make a true Indian, and what the role of an Indian in the progress of its motherland.



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