That’s How Digital India Takes Off Between NaMo and Mark Zuckerberg At Facebook Campus

modi and zuckerberg at facebook campus

Narendar Modi Prime Minister of India, sets number of records in his recent visit to Silicon Valley. The political chief of India becomes the first Prime Minister to visit Silicon Valley in 30 years. In his visit Modi has received number of appreciations which included social media Giants like Google and Facebook.

Apart from G-4 Summit and other public addresses, Narendra Modi became part of Q&A carried out by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, organized in Facebook Campus at Menlo Park, California on Sunday morning (9:PM IST). However it was private event, but mass of nearly 500 individuals were present at the campus hearing Modi live.

Mark Zuckerberg after welcoming the Prime Minister, as the event proceeded Zuckerberg and present masses asked few questions to Narendra Modi. Here are those questions along with answers given:

modi and zuckerberg ques ans

Mark asked: You were the early adopters of Social media. Did you expect the impact on policy, foreign policies etc?

When I joined social media I did not expected much from it, but eventually social media has helped me changing my thought process. I happened to realize that there is a huge gap between people and government. If government is alert and conscious, than accountability can be created through social media, it is good for democracy. Answered Modi

The co-founder of Babajob.Com asked: digital infrastructure needs to be empowered by government to foster connectivity and jobs. What forms of investments are you looking to enable this?

Answering this question Modi said “I want to connect 6 lakh villages of India through optic fiber cable. In coming five years we will make this happen. Soon people will prefer to live in places where there is good digital infrastructure unlike past when people intended to settle down near the river banks. I don’t think that there is any shortage of money to invest in the world”.

Next question came out from visitor asked: Do you think there is an increased ease in doing business in India, pointing it out to success of ‘Make in India’ policy?

In big countries like India changes take time to be cumulatively effective, more than 180 million people in India dint had bank accounts, we managed them to have one in 100 days of our governance. India rank 140 among ease of business international rating. All the states of India are currently working on this and competition among states is increasing to ease down the business. India is a paradise for manufacturers around the world. We offer 3 D’s which stands for demographic dividend, democracy and demand, now I have added one more D which stands for De-regulation in my policy, which clearly says that government has no business in business. In addition to this a growth of around 87% in foreign investment is seen. It clearly suggests that ‘Make in India’ mission will succeed.

The next question asked: There is a lot said about women empowerment in India. What are your views on schemes related to women equality?

If India wish to achieve economic dignity on a global platform, than it cannot happen that 50% of its population is locked behind the doors. There has to be 100% participation of women in decision making of government. The present scenario says that women are very active in education and medical sectors. Now we have reserved 30% for the women in police services says PM Modi.

PM Modi was the first head of government to be hosted at the new Facebook campus.



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