The First Day of Independence!

The dawn of 15th August, 1947 India became an independent nation. The world witnessed the handing over of the British colony to a new democratic Indian government, bent on making India a force to reckon with. From 1858 to 1947, India as a colony under the British, had grown weaker and its core structure rendered unstable as the British began to plant the seeds of imperialism. Hindustan faltered, it was inevitable. Colonialism was a calculated risk and the British won. But the underestimation of the Hindustani patriotism was gravely miscalculated and thus began the struggle for freedom, earliest event being the revolt of 1857.

And the ashes of a martyred Hindustan rose India, like a phoenix determined to overcome and conquer. Here we bring you a brief glimpse of the happiness the average Indian felt on being free from the clutches of another, free to build a new, unshakable India.

Clip by British Pathé.



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