The Prime Minister said- Good relations with my Opposition leaders, Mamta Banerjee sends me kurtas and sweets

Between the Lok Sabha elections, actor Akshay Kumar took a non-election interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It has been released by the news agency ANI. In this, Akshay asked the Prime Minister, what are the relationships with your Opposition leaders who are seen on TV? Modi said, ‘We eat food together once or twice a year. I will say that there can also be disadvantages in the election, but let me tell you that Mamta Bedi also sends me kurtas and Bengali sweets by myself. Akshay took this interview at the Prime Minister’s residence at Lok Kalyan Marg in New Delhi.

Modi said to Akshaye- Twinkle annoys me
. During the interview, when Akshay asked Modi how much time you spend on social media, he said, “I also see you twitter and also see Twinkle Khanna ji.” Sometimes I feel that he gets angry at me, on Twitter, because of that, there will be great peace in your family life. His anger would have escaped me, so you would have been rested, so I have come to you.

Twinkle responded: Regarding Modi’s interview, Twinkle said, “I see the positive side of it that after all, the Prime Minister knows not only about my existence but also my things.

Akshay’s question, Modi’s answer

Akshay:  Once I asked my driver’s daughter what would I ask if Modi could meet me? He said – do our prime ministers eat, eat, how to cut or with kernels?
Modi: The  common account. I like it too. In Gujarat there is a tradition of common juices. If we were small then buying mang-yam, that kind of luxury was not our family. In childhood, it was like eating food cooked by trees. Later on, the habit of eating mango juice was started. But now I have to control whether I eat or not.

Akshay: Have you  ever thought that you will become the prime minister? When did this idea come?
Modi:  I never thought I would become PM. If I had a good job in my family background, then mother would give jaggery to the neighbors. I am wondering why the country is giving me so much love.

Akshay:  You wanted to be a monk? Wanted to go to the army.
Modi:  The war of 1962 was a battle. Those who were seen in the station were very respected. I used to go there too. Then came to mind that it is a medium for doing something for the country.

Akshay:  Does our Prime Minister get angry? So how do you remove it?
Modi:  Raji-resentment is part of this nature. Every kind of thing happens in all. God has given you in your nature, you have to decide. I have been the Chief Minister for so many days, being prime minister for so many days, I did not get an opportunity to get angry from the peon to the chief secretary. Someone brought something for me, so I stand as a helping hand myself. I also learn from people and teach them. I would have been angry, but I stopped myself from expressing it.

Akshay:  Do not you want to stay with the mother?
Modi: If  I had come out of the house as a PM, I would have thought that all be with me. But I left it all at a very young age. When I left home, my training was done. But still I had called the mother. Spend some time with them. But mother used to say, why waste your time. The days I was living, I used to stay in my schedule. At 12 o’clock at night, the mother would have been sad that what she is doing.

Akshay: When you got the chief minister then I had told you two jokes. Even after becoming a PM, is your humor still? Your image looks very strict.
Modi: My image has been presented incorrectly. If I go to office, I work myself and others feel that if they do this then we should also do it. Many times, at 11 am, I’ll call and ask whether the work has happened or not. I work at work Do not waste time in the matter of I do not use any mobile in my meeting My phone does not even come. As far as the humor is concerned. If my father was angry at my family, I would have lightened the atmosphere within a couple of minutes.

Akshay:  Have you even donated 21 lakh rupees of your deposits to the girls?

I gave 21 lakh rupees to the Gujarat government for the help of the girls of my secretariat. On behalf of the government, the MLA gets a plot in less money. I also asked that to take the party.

Akshay: It is heard that Gujarati is very good for money, but you gave your money, gave the plot? Let me tell you a joke. A Gujarati elderly man is dying. So where is my boy? Son says – I am here. The elderly asks- Where is my daughter? She says- I’m here. Where is my wife? She says- I’m here. So the elderly says – Then who is at the shop?
Modi: Let me also hear one. Once a passenger slept on top of the berth in the train. When the station came and asked the person after going out of the window, which station came? He said if the four come, I will tell. The passenger said on this – let it be, Ahmedabad has come.

Akshay: What will you do if you get Aladin’s lamp?
Modi: I will demand that all the sociologists keep in mind that they stop listening to children’s story of Aladdin. Teach children to work hard.

Akshay: most valuable thing in the house became prime minister of CM were you brought?
Modi:  maybe before did not benefit other prime ministers who got me. That is that I came to be the chief minister for a long time. I was the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the longest time. This person probably did not find anyone. Deve Gowda Sahab was chief minister, but for a short time. I can assume that I brought this thing from there which is being used for the country.

Akshay: You sleep for only three and a half hours. Why so little?
Modi: Former US President Barack Obama also said to me, why do you do this? But I say that even in a short time my sleep is complete.


Earlier, Akshay had tweeted on Monday that he is going to step in the unknown and unfamiliar area. The next day they also disclosed it. On Tuesday, he told in tweet that he will openly and absolutely non-political talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday. Akshay wrote in a tweet, “When the whole country is talking on elections and politics, this is a relief-giving interview. The silly negotiations with your Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be completely non-political and clear.










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