The Roaring Tales of Arnab Goswami

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Meet our idea of a man known as Arnab Goswami – a really, really loud fox who may yell at any time, any moment now. With barely any distance from that small box called television, Arnab is watching everything – you, me, the Nation. I think when he believes that he is the successor of saving mankind after God, and anything said by him makes sense. Senses, hell with it! A discussion with Arnab Goswami may get obscene or interesting or both. It is drama, suspense and of course India’s everyday ‘sit-down’ roast of whoever comes out on his panel discussion. He is known for unleashing his fiery and tumultuous persona at you everyday at 9 pm on the Times Now News Hour. Beware if you head there, you probably might need medication to calm down.

The journalism network is respected on the grounds of bringing facts to light. But this man is different. Arnab doesn’t take any unsolicited advice from people he called to ‘share’ their views and vehemently feeds breaking news and the impact is a global threat.

A pioneer in the industry of news, Times Now, has the eyeballs of millions when Arnab (The Editor-in-Chief) shows up. With a twist of words, he comes up with the most tacky taglines like #Indiaashamed. So much so, that the roaring tales of Arnab Goswami are making a sensational appearance in the AIB videos. A one man army, his ultrasound voice has muted many seasoned politicians. As quoted –

“I don’t believe in a cozy chat among convivial people”.

Where many from the journalism industry are curious in getting endorsement and appreciation from bigwigs, this one, with his confrontational style, says that journalism is everything for him, and for that sake, he doesn’t care if people disagree with him. Yes, we do Arnab, because of you’ve struck a chord on topics that usually don’t make a lot of sense. We expect more than bizarre roaring from the Oxford alumni.

All said and done, you Arnab are prime-times best entertainment for India, all we’d like for you is to calm a bit so that every conversation doesn’t turn into a nuisance for us as viewers. And we would really appreciate if you’d stop hiding in the cloak of ‘the Nation wants to know’ while it’s just you who is really curious.



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