‘There is no corruption in Rafale deal’- Dassault CEO clears the air

Eric Trappier, CEO of Dassault Aviation

The Congress party received a firm reply on the drama over CBI infight and Rafale deal linking. Dassault Aviation CEO Eric Trappier cleared the air and denied that any corruption was involved in the deal. He said his company is open to investigations of the Rafale deal with India.

‘We are totally against corruption. If there is an investigation in France of India, we are not only open to the investigations, it is our duty. We will prove that there is no corruption.’ Dassault Aviation CEO said.

Trappier rejected the contention that the Indian side had nudged him to give the offsets to the Reliance Group and said that Dassault had already signed the deals with 30 companies. He also said that the controversial statement by former French president Francois Hollande, about being forced to give the offset deal to Reliance Group, had been clarified.

‘Mr. Hollande has himself clarified it by saying that the two partners found themselves on their own. So, he has clarified as there was maybe a misunderstanding in his first declaration. We found Reliance in 2011-12.’ Trappier said.

The Reality behind the deal with Reliance

The Dassault CEO said that business with Anil Ambani’s Reliance Group would amount to Rs 850Cr, not Rs 30,000Cr as is being alleged. During an interview with an India newspaper, he said, ‘We stick to the laws of France and laws of India and the law of the contract.’

So, this was not at the time of Hollande and not at the time of your current Prime Minister. It has been a long time since we are discussing with Reliance. I want to clear that Dassault is a partner as the Ambanis are a very respectable family.’ Trappier cleared.

The Dassault CEO also said that India had got a better deal for the 36 jets as compared to what it would have paid for the 18 that were being bought earlier as part of the 126 aircraft that were being negotiated by the previous government.



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