These reel-life couples gave relationship goals to real-life couples!

best bollywood onscreen couples of all time

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world that just cannot be expressed in words. But for the few unlucky ones the relationships are not so good for some or the other reason. Are you also among the ones who watch their favorite couples on screen and wish for similar love stories with the passion they have in your real lives? If yes, trust us you are not alone.

There is no doubt that our Bollywood on-screen couples are so good at making love with their partners that we believe in love so deeply no matter what have we went through in the personal lives. Bollywood on-screen couples have not just held our belief in ‘chemistry’ but have also given the real life couples serious relationship goals. Here we list out few of them to evoke your lost love feelings.

Shah Rukh-Kajol in DDLJ to Dilwale:

This evergreen couple has set a benchmark when it comes to love and relationships that just cannot be broken by anybody. Pick their any movie and we are sure you would hope to have such a love story in your own life. Since decades they have been romancing on screen and are not just the idols for common people in relationships but also for the celebrities of the B’town who perform romantic roles on screen.

Ranbir-Deepika in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani:

Every time we watch this movie we fall for this absolutely adorable on-screen couple. Deepika the shy girl eventually becomes a babe and the dude Ranbir falls in love with her but realizes it towards the end. Their story and chemistry have taken the love to an all new level.

Hrithik-Katrina in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara:

This hot on-screen couple has revived the concept of love at first sight. Hrithik completely falls in love with her the very first time he notices her at the beach. And she too eventually falls in love with him. She shows her the happy path in life and makes him realize that your true happiness does not lie in money and rather other little things in life. The couple also proved that if you are deeply in love age and distance are just numbers.

Ranveer-Deepika in Bajirao Mastani:

This utterly lovable couple in the movie have gone through everything be it family rejections, society’s interruptions, wars and battles etc but have been able to carry forward their love from one level to another until they both died together in the end. They have proved that no matter what, if your love is real there is absolutely nothing that could come in your way, not even your own families.

Aamir-Kajol in Fanna:

We all have heard it a several times that love is blind and thus it has the capability of overcoming disabilities as shown in the film. The couple showcased that all you need in life is someone who would stand by you not just in your happy days but also in your bad times. This movie and the couple prove that love is in every corner and religion like terrorism too cannot outlaw it.
Cuples-Fanna-best bollywood onscreen couples of all time



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