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Radhe Ma: Making loops of Sensation

A new buzz filling timelines, tweets, and formulating her very presence on the social media and other platforms even more than God himself is this self-acclaimed God-woman Radhe Ma. There are a lot of stories attached to this voluminous woman. Radhe Ma aka Sukhvinder Kaur, aged 50 introduced to the spiritual world at an early age of 23 years, she practiced spirituality under her guru. But after a recent string of images of the God woman were published, the Indians have come to doubt her spirituality.

She owns a charitable trust with the name ‘Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Ma Charitable Trust‘ in Mumbai, where you can donate money for the faith you have in her spirituality. The name says it all wherein Radhe Ma videos was exposed for obscenity in her satsangs. A recent controversy that had shell-shocked many is she has been booked under the Dowry Prohibition Act.

                           Chalo bulawa aya hai, Radhe Ma ne bulaya hai

A Maa that is fancying out all the amazing and expensive jewelry, luxurious cars, heavy make-up, designer clothes is deflected us from the age-old context of how we have considered God-woman to be. If you are expecting her to be simply accentuating the look of a numb and delicate God-woman, disregard your expectations. Yes, she hits all your presumed wicked image of a rocking Ma. Yes, she does rock and may kiss you probably. Hugging is her way of expressing her deep emotions. So, your version is all in there, and to preach you all the lessons of spiritualism. She maintains her super flashy cars, which amount to millions and maybe hard to buy for normal preachers. Oh…but she is Radhe Ma of Mumbai, she can get her hands on anything. Ma, think of moon and stars.

Lately, a lot of controversial aspects had muted her over-zealous followers, when she was exposed of obscenity in her sessions. Kissing, hugging tightly and even touching. Moreover, the news broke several hearts when she was recently caught for demanding dowry from her daughter in law’s family, which included gold, cash and what not? Have you ever seen such preaching of any spiritual guru?

She was vacated from denizen of hearts and of all her good karmas, after her pictures surfaced wherein she poses in a skimpy red dress stating her charisma and unconventional look. Kudos, to this brilliant ‘GOD-woman’ for her self attained spiritual status that she cannot sense the reality and love for her from her followers, who now obviously cheated.

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