Times Celebex June 2016 – Top 5 Actresses and Actors

Times Celebex June 2016 - Top 5 Actresses and Actors

Times Celebex is a monthly ranking index of Bollywood celebrities. It’s basically a 10th or 12th board exam type thing for our favorite Bollywood stars. The only difference is that this is monthly and boards are annual. This ranking system which Times Celebex deals in, has been known for its robustness and efficiency. All the parameters which it takes in to calculate the water level or reality check of each Bollywood celebrity, is appreciatively reliable and can make a real difference in the fan base of any star.

It was first started in the year 2012 and the standards of celeb analysis were set since then. It monitors each star’s Box-Office performance, presence in print media, TV, online, brand endorsements, popularity, social media coverage etc. All statistical data is collected from more than 250 TV channels and 60 plus publications. Then with proper calculative measures, TimesCelebex comes up with the T Scorei.e the total and final rank of each star and publish it monthly.

So the Times Celebex June 2016 has been announced by the Times group and like every other Bollywood fan you must be curious about whether your favorite star ranked well or not?

Well let’s check out Times Celebex June 2016 Top 5 Actors and Actresses and know who’s in and who’s out.

This time Salman Khan and Alia Bhatt,
times celebex rankers. But for the detailing, let us go by the norm of keeping ‘ladies first’.

  1. She is the youngest actress of all which topped the list this time. Yes Alia Bhat with her utmost cuteness and popularity has gained the first spot. Her movies have all been going great, her alleged relationship with Siddharth Malhotra gets good hype and currently her role in Udta Punjab and Dear Zindagi with SRK boosted this young actress to the top most spot.
  2. Then enters Sultan’s inspiration Aarfa and Virat Kohli’s emotional support Anushka Sharma. With her brands like Pantene, successful blockbusters, her relationship with India’s top batsman, are enough proofs why Anushka is at the second spot.
  3. The most controversial actress of last month, Kangana Ranaut is at the third spot in Times Celebex ranking this time. National awards and Hrithik Roshan did the job for this actress and she rules the 3rd spot with pride.
  4. Everyone’s favorite, especially Ranveer Singh’s life Deepika Padukone gained the fourth spot this time. This actress has hardy seen a flop. Piku, BajiraoMastani, Hollywood flick, all of it made it easy for her to get a good spot in Times Celebex.
  5. Lastly, at the fifth spot is Bollywood’s pride Priyanka Chopra. Words literally fall short to praise this magnetic personality. Bajiirao Mastani, Quantico, Obama’s dinner, Oscar presenter and what not. Everything adds up so well that she got the fifth spot like a cakewalk.
Actresses June Rank May Rank June Score May Score
Alia Bhatt 1 3 17 14.5
Anushka Sharma 2 9 16.9 10.9
Kangana Ranaut 3 1 16.2 16
Deepika Padukone 4 10 15.3 10.7
Priyanka Chopra 5 5 14.7 12.9

Times Celebex list of actors also shined with Bollywoods best.

  1. Salman Khan has the most ease in topping the list this time. His Sultan, court cases and other comments on social media awarded him with the first rank.
  2. Akshay Kumar, the all-time Khiladi of Bollywood has been conferred with the second rank and he very well deserves it. All his patriotic movies with comedy flick like Housefull 3 has been well enough for his fans to love him.
  3. Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan can never be left behind his such rankings. His numerous brand endorsements, social media activities and upcoming projects like Raees and Dear Zindagi are just the tip of this stars stardom.
  4. HrithikRoshan who took a jump from tenth to now the fourth rank, has done it big with his new movie MohenjoDaaro, his divorce, and controversy with Kangana Ranaut.
  5. The third Khan of Bollywood Aamir Khan cannot lag behind as his perfectionism supports him big time. Also Dangal is proving to be a big hit from its looks only.
Actors June Rank May Rank June Score May Score
Salman Khan 1 2 17 13.5
Akshay Kumar 2 3 16.5 12.5
Shah Rukh Khan 3 4 15.9 11.9
Hrithik Roshan 4 10 14.5 9.1
Aamir Khan 5 13.7 1



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