“Tubelight” Emitted its Light Well Before; Fares at Par on Release day. Here is what you can expect

Tubelight – a beautiful conglomeration of optimism with soulful tunes and a power cast. Driven by noble feelings, the apparently cross-boundary sentiments fabricate a brilliant storyline which will linger in the hearts for long.

Bajrangi Bhai’s latest flick, Tubelight is his third outing with long-time companion, Kabir Khan. The collaboration weaved magic in last year’s blockbuster, Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

The public waiting to witness the magic of the two Khans, were given a triple treat as the extravaganza was accentuated by Sohail Khan, Salman’s brother who shares the screen and plays a significant role in the film.

Not Pakistan but China

The child artist and the lead actress hail from China and keep us amused and entertained throughout the film.

Named as Laxman, Salman steals the heart by acing the roles of “A man child”. The simpleton image of Bhai is accentuated through the near-perfect shots which are infused with positivity and optimism.

The bottom line of the movie is faith. The message is: “Have faith in yourself and make a change; if one has faith in oneself, one can move mountains and achieve the impossible”. Love supersedes war; borders disappear and love sustains is what Tubelight suggests.

The streamlines message is gifted meaning and vision by the legendary director Kabir Khan, who has got an aesthetic sense of story-telling and impeccable direction.

A ‘Chinese’ looking mum-and-son (Zhu Zhu and Matin Rey Tangu) who are Indian by nationality become the target of hatred and despair by many villagers.

Widely known for being an ardent lover of kids, Salman does justice to all times when he shares space with the Chinese munchkin.

From breathtaking songs, heart-wrenching scenes and intriguing story line, Tubelight is a well-etched story to keep your eyes glued to the theater screens this Eid. On the long weekend which awaits you, Tubelight is a must-watch movie which has an important life message hidden for you to delve.




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