TVF with a new saga- PITCHERS

What is TVF Pitchers?
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“Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.”

Mark Zuckerberg

Does the thought of quitting a job seem remotely flattering? TVF Pitchers deals with this million dollar question. When a group of friends, frustrated from their daily, monotonous lives decide to quit their job, and encounter hurdles to manifest their ideal plan. No doubt, this amazing tale is receiving humongous appreciation not only from India, but from communities globally. Pitchers is a crunchy tale of four youngsters, who enter a competition where the best startup idea will be selected and encouraged. The dilemma of its success and selection throws humongous blocks of apprehension at them. As we know, life is an escapade with combats.

The four wicked, witty, innocent, fearless young men trod on to the tune of life and encounter the rules of the market players. Naveen– A young vibrant boy who makes all the important decisions when jittery situations arise through a “jury room” is the master-blaster in this tale. He has a girlfriend working in Mckinsey, a supportive element. The endeavor of Naveen that pushes all to bash up with any pertaining circumstance in this startup sutra. Jitu– A supersonic coder, who seems to be a prominent need of the project. His hard-work plays a magnificent deal. Yogi– A half-bald loose canon adds the buoyant force for their ship to sail. His vigor and zeal collects the extra brownie points. Mandal– Naveen’s flatmate, an outsider for the two creates uncanny situations in the entire episodes who come out to be everyone’s best friend. His MBA skills and savings make his contribution important.

After Permanent Roommates, it’s Pitchers that defines the prevalent startup culture, a lot like the American dream. The experiment of TVF team takes up an unconventional paths in their most new releases, and Pitchers is no exception. A lesson for many, it has components which inspire aspiring youngster. Humor is the prime aim of pitchers, to rope in the audience. A tale showcasing tremendous amounts of toiling, it states the youth’s frustration and how they gear up to reach new peaks. To imbibe your unconditional interest in the series, team pitchers made sure adding a woman power. Saumya (Jitu’s wife) to who the phrase, “behind every successful man, there is a woman” verily applies. TVF Pitchers, an interesting and fresh offering is a must watch. An endeavor to track the market eccentricity for idea, funding and team spirit. Retiring is history, bailing out is making the success story for these ambitious bones.

TVF with a new saga- PITCHERS
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