Twinkle Khanna Launches ‘Mrs. Funnybones’

Celebrities, Bollywood, gossip, their secrets . . . ah! How we love, love, LOVE to read about them and take the occasional sneak-peeks offered into their lives very seriously. With all the attention that comes with being a celebrity one would think  it’s an ordeal to be one. But if you’re smart and talented, maybe, just maybe it could turn into a life changing career opportunity.

Daughter to the original Indian superstar, Rajesh Khanna and veteran actress Dimple Kapadia, wife to hunk Akshay Kumar and an actor and writer in her own right, Twinkle Khanna has done just that. With all the downsides of the ever present paparazzi and media glare, the original Indian Mrs. Funnybones recently launched her own book, titled ‘Mrs. Funnybones’. Also the name of the actor turned writer’s blog, the idea cropped up after the phenomenal success of the weekly blog Twinkle writes. Widely shared and well received by Indian and global Indian communities alike, this is one blog that has had us in splits for quite sometime now. The blog is an amalgamation of honest humor and tongue-in-cheek theories by the diva, which we have come to love massively!

In what was a hilariously successful book launch, actors like Akshay Kumar, close friend Aamir Khan, Dimple Kapadia and director Karan Johar helped the 40 year old launch her first book, with a funny jibe here and there. Here is some from the conversation which involved a lot of heavy insults being flung around, with secrets coming out in the open; all in good humor though!

“All of us have different abilities, Twinkle’s is insulting people.” Aamir Khan

“Twinkle is the only person to scar my childhood.” Karan Johar

“I contributed to Twinkle’s marriage because she married Akshay after Mela flopped.”  Aamir Khan

“Twinkle is like my film Baby, deadly mission with a happy ending.” Akshay Kumar

“Film title for Twinkle would be – Hunterwaali.” Aamir Khan

“Twinkle made a list of why she wanted to marry me. The list was a genetic one – whether diseases run in the family.” Akshay Kumar

“I worried she wouldn’t make it as a writer. I told her just because everyone likes to watch cricket doesn’t mean they can play.” Aamir Khan

The audience was equally star studded with the likes of Sussanne Khan and Jaya Bachchan among the lot. While we can’t wait to read what Mrs. Funnybones has to say, who calls her husband, a comic in his own right, Akshay her editor, here is some coverage from the event that has us laughing super hard!



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