U Mumba Register Win Against Bengaluru Bulls!

winner of pro kabaddi league
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Winning means you’re willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else.

– Vince Lombardi 

U Mumba blew the competition away with an astounding performance at the Pro Kabbadi League 2015 finals. The front-runner in the Pro Kabbadi, U Mumba clinched the title. U Mumbai stole the thunder from Bengaluru Bulls 36-30 in a thrilling clash at the Star sports Pro Kabaddi League final crown at the jam-packed NSCI stadium in Worli, Mumbai. The efforts of Bengaluru Bulls during the match against U Mumba, who finished 2nd last season were exemplary and shown through despite the heavy loss. They played magnificently and while finishing off the season, U Mumba delivered a magical performance to usher their bold presence. They clinched the title along with a prize money of 1 crore Rupees. Bengaluru Bulls finished off second drawing prize money of 50 lakhs.

At half time, U Mumba led the game with 16-8 from 7 all. In the final match, the first 15 minutes were highly held by defence masters of Bengaluru Bulls that unleash their true game. However, U Mumba took control in both the attacks and enabling their laddering graph to rise with 16-8 lead.

result of pro kabaddi final
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The hot shots in the game who exhibited their hunting skills best were Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Mumba’s star attacker once, captain Anup Kumar and second raider Shabeer Bapu, who were central elements in this game. Both the teams played indistinguishably well to conquer but the supreme efforts lead by U Mumba bashing Bengaluru Bulls, finally made them to clinch the title. The neck to neck game in the finals till 7-all remained when U Mumba attained the purple patch in both the attack and defence, here Vishal Mane and raid specialist Rishank Devadiga glittered.

The turning point in the game, when U Mumba secured raid pints from Anup and Bapu while attacking the rival raiders-captain Manjeet Chillar and Thakur-and they turned the game by packing off all the bulls, with Deepak Dahiya in the super tackle, earning three points with the sweep. Kumar was elated and said, “One year has gotten over so fast. We were on the other side (of the final scoreline). This win is for the fans. More importantly, today (Sunday) was a completely different performance from U Mumba. Not only did we show that we have a ‘Plan B’, but we also proved that I’m not the only one who earns the points for the side.”

The safety first approach of U Mumba and their strategic planning ushered them to this success. The top trio of raiders-Kumar, Bapu and Devadiga- were slight below than their level. Only Bapu could bag a raid percentage, of more than 40. The ace cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni also graced the Pro Kabbadi league finals with his presence.



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