Vijay Mallya’s running game comes to an abrupt End?

vijay Mallya

The felonious acts of Vijay Mallya cannot be forgotten until he is caught. The entire nation is creating pressure on authorities to catch the perfidious man who escaped from Indian lands to get rid of loan compliances and responsibilities. Home secretaries of India and UK met in New Delhi where India exhorted extradition of Mallya.

Union Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi met his British counterpart Patsy Wilkinson in the national capital territory (NCT) today.

In February, India gave a formal extradition request for Mallya through a note. In April, Mallya got arrested but within a period of mere 5-10 minutes, managed to get bail in UK prison. Mallya was arrested by Scotland Yard on fraud allegations. Post the immediate bail, his extradition matter got due attention in the British courts.

As soon as he was arrested, he was bailed. This led to serious trolls being generated on Indian social media with videos and photos.

Mallya was released on bail after he assured court he will comply with the necessary conditions. associated with extradition proceedings, including surrendering his passport.

Not only Mallya’s extradition, Mehrishi and Wilkinson also shared a conversation about ways to counter terrorism mutually.

Reportedly, issues in relation to the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty, the strengthening of the intelligence sharing mechanism and visa-related issues were also discussed.

Mallya not only cheated the Indian public but also indulged in extensive money laundering. Court will hear the extradition case on May 17, 2017.

To mount extra pressure onto UK officials, India sent a joint team of the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Enforcement Directorate to London This team will substantially convince UK’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) lawyers of the “dual criminality” of Mallya.

They will also convince UK authorities that their motive is not driven by political nuances. Moreover, the joint team has other ways to bring back Mallya for fostering justice to all Indian creditors. The officials will explain that here is no political motive behind Mallya’s extradition request.



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