Vijay Mallya’s Story – “Maal-Liya aur Bhaag-Liya”

vijay mallya bank loans

Vijay Mallya did what usually people under huge debts do. HE FLED. Yes, the infamous and collapsed Kingfisher’s businessman left the country on 2nd March, informed Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi to the Supreme Court. Reason being, the obvious pressure of repaying Rs 7,000 Crore to13 different Indian banks. In spite of their trials and pleads to the Supreme Court for preventing their culprit from fleeing away to another nation, Mallya fled to United Kingdom to his son.

Kingisher Mallya on this shameful step of his has been asked to reply to a notice issued to him within two weeks. After this only can the hearing on this matter be moved forward. The former ‘king of good times’ is now definitely the ‘king of not-so-good times’. Be it his airline, collection of cars, yachts, properties and other fortunes, all of them with their inclusive debts have made this man one scandalous borrower.

Irony is that the value of Mallya’s foreign assets is quite higher than the loans taken by him. It is clear that this fugitive can repay what he owes but he preferred not to. Also through his open defending letter, he said “the State Bank of India and other banks lent me money despite knowing about my company’s financial situation.” 

   In a way the blame game continues. But the questions remain; does this mean that Indian government will remain this helpless in such cases? Will people like Mallya after fully misusing the excess power and money given to him, easily flee like this and run away from all his due responsibilities? When will the ‘made in India’ people of Narendra Modi’s nation learn to grow and do what is required on their part? Why Sahara Chief is behind bars and King of Good times isn’t?



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