Vijay Rupani: The new Gujarat Chief Minister

Vijay Rupani the new Gujarat Chief Minister

After the resignation of Gujarat’s ex-Chief Minister Smt. Anandiben Patel, the speculation market was claiming on many names that were in the race of becoming the new Gujarat Chief Minister. But defeating everyone else in the race, the Gujarat BJP President Vijay Rupani was declared the new Chief Minister of Gujarat in the last minute announcement after the meeting of the high-level leaders of BJP. The name was finalized and announced after the whole lot of drama that happened behind the closed doors.

The confusion was between the names of Vijay Rupani and Nitin Patel and out of the two, Vijay Rupani wins the race. Ahead of the meeting of MLAs, it was Nitin Patel, who is the health Minister of the state, was being projected as the new CM of Gujarat. The drama created was so real that Patel’s bio data was circulated in the media and his interviews as the prospective Chief Minister being aired in the electronic media. Also, it was seen that Patel was happily accepting the greetings on this possibility.

While the BJP legislature meeting on Friday evening has come with a surprising news that Vijay Rupani would be the next CM of Gujarat and after the recommendation of Ex CM Anandiben Patel backed by the consent of more than ten leaders, Nitin Patel would be on the post of Deputy Chief Minister.

Also, Anandiben was pushing on the name of Patel as the Gujarat CM but after long discussions, and making Anandiben realize that Patel is not in good terms with Patidars, and hence, he will not be able to guarantee a win in the 2017 Assembly elections. It is also reported that it was after the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that both the sides had reached a conclusion of Vijay Rupani’s name for CM post and Nitin Patel being the Deputy CM.

Vijay Rupani, 61 who is the BJP’s state president and his new Government will take the oath on Sunday at the Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar. Vijay Rupani is a known name in the Gujarat Politics but not so known in Indian politics. He belongs to the Jain community which has a strong dominant social group in Gujarat. The decision of Vijay Rupani as the Gujarat’s Chief Minister is inspired from the thought to bridge the increasing gap between the Patels and Non-Patels in the state. It is a mere coincidence that the circumstances in which Modi once became the CM of Gujarat is alike to what Vijay Rupani is facing right now. Now the responsibility of Gujarat Assembly elections 2017 depends on onto Rupani and will have to prove that he is more efficient than anyone else for the administration of the state and could lead it on the path of development once again.



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