Want to lose weight in short time? Try these foods for best results


Ever thought that eating certain foods can make you lose fats and render a slim fit body which you will adore. Well, here are the five foods which you would want to munch on if you are looking forward to massive weight loss any sooner. Take cues, folks:


Apart from being highly rich in antioxidants, Almonds have a special property of reducing weight. Many weight experts quote almonds as a “weight-loss pill”. The question is how and when to consume almonds. Anytime is good but eating on a couple of almonds in the morning can render unbelievable results within a month. Just soak a couple of almonds in water at night and let rest. Peel of its cover in morning and oh! Your body will thank you.

Green Tea

“Green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet”.Widely known as the weight-loss liquid, Green Tea works wonders for all. Being highly light on the body, it is the simplest form of intake for weight loss. Green tea burns fats and extra calories.

P.S: Green Tea is highly effective for weight loss if consumed during or after exercise


Soups are heavy and make you feel full. Drinking soups will help in reducing intake of calories and thereby help in weight loss. Soups are considered as an effective meal for weight loss. 20 pounds will be lost in 20 days, if you consume soup on a daily basis.


Lentils and legumes are a rich source of vitamins and proteins. Besides, they also break the extra fat in your bodies. From yellow to black lentils, pick your favourite and make it a point to include it in your daily meal. Lentils also help in balancing cholesterol levels and keeps systolic blood-pressure in check.


Pistachios offer a decent amount of protein along with increasing your body’s immunity. Shelled pistachios lead to weight loss after consistent consumption. It is really a myth that pistachios increase weight. Apart from decreasing the risk of heart disease and cancer, shelled pistachios are a high source of requisite vitamins.

Have a happy weight-loss regime, folks!



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