Ways to make your daughter spend money effectively earned during Rakhi festival

Girl child

The festival of rakhi is very special to brothers and sisters. On this day, sisters tie rakhi around the wrist of their brothers and in return, she has been given present or money. Hence, girls wait for the festival of Rakshabandhan more eagerly. The girls love to collect the money and keep it with them. They spend this money on their chocolates, toys and other things of choice. In fact, this has become habit of every year. Well… as a parent you should tell them the importance of spending money wisely. It is quite possible that she may argue with you but gradually she will understand. Check out the ways.

Save money in piggy bank
Girls love to have their piggy banks. So, buy her a good piggy bank and ask her to put all the money in it. Make her understand that saving money will help her to buy better things in future.

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Teach her sharing
The habit of sharing is required to be inculcated in kids. So, if she buys some chocolates or cookies from the money earned on rakhi then ask her to share these food stuffs with others also. Teach her the importance of sharing.

Buy a meaningful item
If your daughter asks you to buy toys every time then this time encourage her to plant or book or any meaningful item. Teach her that these items are more meaningful and will help her to be better than others. She will happily do that.

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Make small donation
Although she may be too young to understand the meaning of donation, teach her to donate. Tell your daughter to buy some biscuits or pencils or chocolates and donate them to poor and needy kids. Teach her importance of making donations.



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