Weight Loss Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making

Weight Loss Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making4


The irony is, gaining weight is as easy as it is difficult to shed it. You eat a little junk and give your drooling stomach what it wants, and overnight you’ll feel that you have started gaining weight. But the tension begins after that. Once you realise you have started gaining weight, you immediately switch to a lot of alternatives that we think would help us get back in shape. We start avoiding junk, we start eating healthy food, doing exercises, cardio, yoga etc and a lot of other things that we believe help us shed those extra kilos. But is that all we are supposed to know and understand and do when it comes to weight loss? Well, no. There is much more than this that we need to understand. People at times, in order to lose their weight happen to fall in some myths and misunderstanding that instead of losing weight, people unknowingly start gaining weight. So today, we are at the rescue here. We have listed 4 weight loss mistakes that you never knew you were making.
NOTE: Don’t be surprised.

Not Sticking To A Single Workout Routine:

Weight Loss Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making

We often tend to choose gym and exercising as our best solution to weight gain. We think and believe that going to gym and exercising different workout routines will help us lose weight quickly. But that is not entirely correct. Gymming and exercising absolutely helps us to shed the kilos that we obviously do not want, but only when we stick to one routine. It is necessary to stick to one routine and continue doing it until you start feeling the change. Do not change the routine just because you were unsure that its working.

Consuming too much of packaged food:

We tend to believe the packets that says ‘LOW FAT’ ‘SUGAR LESS’ or ‘HEALTHY’ and to achieve our aim of losing weight at the earliest, we start eating such packed things that are available in the market. But what you need to know here is that it’s not always what you read. Such packaged foods too contain a lot of fat that you must avoid to lose weight. So next time, when you grab a packet of packed food, read it carefully and calculate the no of calories it says.

Overeating clean food:

Overeating clean food

We have always heard that eating healthy like green vegetables etc will help us be in shape and lose our extra work. So all we start doing is eat as much veggies and ‘healthy’ food as we can. But we must stop there. Even if we are eating salads and all ‘green’ we must eat in limits.

Overdoing steady state cardio:

steady state cardio

No doubt cardio helps us relax and helps us remove the extra body weight but as they say excess of everything is harmful. You must do exercises in limits and for limited time especially when it comes to cardio. Cardio raises cortisol level and eats muscles. So only steady state cardio will help you to get back in shape.



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