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When the bhais of Bollywood are at rest, then these men engage the audiences, doing it hilariously with Welcome Back. The very sensational star cast from the team of Welcome are back! The beloved Majnu Bhai (Anil kapoor) and Uday Bhai (Nana Patekar) revive their roles in Welcome Back from the hit franchise of Welcome (2007) and are slated to make an appearance on September 4 . The film produced by Firoz A Nadiadwala seems to deliver a complete comedy blaster. With the add-ons in the star cast, this time we get to see another bhai that is Ajju Bhai, played by John Abraham.

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The film with fine stars like Naseeruddin Shah, Paresh Rawal, Shruti Hassan, Dimple Kapadia, Shiney Ahuja and Ankita Srivastava are ready to leave the audience. While this Anees Bazmee directed comic drama is nearing its release date, the three heroes get reminiscent of their joy ride while anticipating the reaction after the release. Bundled with comedy and drama, this is going to be an over-joyous treat to entertain the audience this season.

Nana Patekar who is seldom seen on screen these days, said, “When I read the script, I felt I needed to do this film to unwind. It gave me the chance to open up and laugh out loud. It’s written well and funny elements have been added at the right time, with the right cast delivering those dialogues and punches.”

Well, the star cast is engaged in promotions of the film heading city to city. Anil kapoor recently commented on Nana Patekar’s endeavor to promote this film with zeal and vigor. Nana Patekar who is utterly straightforward and does not sugar coated anything is quite engrossed in promoting the comedy flick. The film is has intense drama to make us laugh and the trailer reviews are good to strengthen the promotional ground. The star with promotional fever were seen promoting in the Red FM and Radio Mirchi studios.

John-Welcome Back
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The excited John Abraham, who is in good spirits working with the original heroes said, “A lot of people told me that in this film there must be a lot of pressure on me with stalwarts like Anil and Nana, not to forget that Welcome was a big hit. But on the contrary, I was very relaxed and having them along with the rest of the ensemble cast made me feel completely at ease.” He sums it up saying, “What I enjoyed even more was the fact that this film allowed me to do two things I love – comedy and action.”

However, the movie received a rating of 2.5/5.  It may give you a good belly laughs but do not try to conceptualize it.

John Abraham promotional fever gone viral when the actor posted the pics on twitter.


Anil Kapoor also head to twitter sharing the jam-packed audience while the promotions of Welcome Back.




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