#WeMissYouToo: Maggi Videos getting Viral on Social Media


The #WeMissyouToo: Maggi campaign is trending high on social media and channels, in past 24 hours company has launched 3 videos. The videos are mostly focused on importance of instant food in a bachelor’s life, emphasizing on Nestle product. The campaign is a major update from the company after being banned across country.

Image source: www.todayonline.com

The videos released recently have pulled at hearstrings all over social media. The video has gained more than 1lac views in past 24 hours and is still counting.

The unofficial threads trending in Indian market suggests that Maggi will be re-launched by end of 2015. However official sources say that this campaign will be more aggressive on digital platform in days to come.

Nestle Maggi was discontinued from Indian market, on failing several tests conducted by FSSAI. The instant food product found to have higher quantity of monosodium glutamate (MSG) and Lead, than the prescribed by the Food Safety and Standard Rules, 2011.

The prescribed quantity of Lead in permitted food products 2.5 parts per million, but the tests conducted at the Central Food Laboratory revealed lead quantity to be more than 17.2 parts per million. A series of lab tests conducted during the controversy, forced court to banning product nationwide.

Now, with start of these video campaigns has revived hope among Maggi lovers, that sooner or later their preferred food product would hit consumer market once again.



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