Why is Congress being so obnoxious? It is running nation-shaming ads in Pakistan. Here is proof!

Congress is not in a mood to miss any chance of influencing the public’s sentiments via unethical practices. The party’s mobs are stationing themselves at public places and holding rallies which not only cause destruct but also spread hatred.

Recently, the party did not come out in public, but rather took an ostensibly ridiculous step, in order to increase the toxicity for BJP, amongst the public. The party’s ad campaign data was checked by an agency and this is what they discovered – nothing less than a short horror story!

Here’s what they did. Being an Indian, it is a disgrace to see this filthy activity by a party which has ruled the country for over 60 years. The party has been running an election campaign ad on Facebook and this is super fine. What is even reasonable (as an opponent) is the content of the advertisement – it says that: ” Hamara Loktantra Khatre mein hai, Isse bachane ke liye aandolan ka hissa banein.”

What is absolutely not acceptable and is rather very obnoxious is that the Congress party was running national political posts in Pakistan ( which is supposedly the biggest enemy of the nation).

The party is running various ads in other countries; it is also running several ads in India. The ads spew venom against the ruling Prime Minister. The party is spreading huge amounts of money on the ad campaigns. Rumours have it that the estimate spends on these advertisements is Rs 1 crores.

What they plan to do with these advertisements is quite apparent – they want to win the elections, but the question is at the cost of what? They have suppressed their love for the nation and employed their unscrupulous techniques to make their way up.

This festive season and on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra, the Congress should dust its grease and come out better – more powerful and honest, not shamefully corrupt.



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