Why is Ramadan special in Islam, why are hungry and Thirsty 30 days Roza?

The ‘Pak-month Ramzan’ has commenced, this month of Islamic calendar is the standard of sacrifice, service, dedication and devotion; Today, people who believe in Islam for a full month from today, will maintain rosa every day.

In the month of Ramadan, the doors of the heaven are opened and those who keep the rosary, they have the same destiny. According to Pangambar Islam, Ramadan is the first Ashra of the month (ten days) of Rahmat, the second is Ashra Magfirat and the third is to give freedom to Dosakh. Standard of abstinence This month is the standard of love and self-restraint, it has been said that every Muslim should have a rasa. Islamic women have been asked not to keep Rosa during the menstrual cycle.

The worship of Allah should be worshiped only during this period and should take special care of Sahri and Iftar. Alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco and narcotics should not be consumed during this period. Older, child, pregnant women. Neighbors’ mothers and travelers who are traveling do not have to stay rosa. Every Muslim has to pay zakat. Every Muslim should pay zakat during Ramzan.

Let us tell you that zakat means to take some money from your income in the way of Allah and give it to the needy. It is said that zakat should be given only during Ramadan to reach the poor and they can also make Id. Roja means. Roja means no restriction, not just drinking, but there is a restriction to stay away from every evil that is forbidden in Islam.

According to Islam, the rasa is not only the name of hunger thirsty but it is the name of the body and order of purification and purification of our soul for 30 days every year, we find the remaining 11 months training to live this life.



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