World Emoji Day: Read on to know about the use of Emojis!


Emojis have become a crucial part of our lives to such an extent that we rarely interact with our folks without using them. It’s not surprising that an entire day is dedicated to emojis which is celebrated as World Emoji Day on 17th July.

It was celebrated for the first time in 2014 when Jeremy Burge created Emojipedia, a kind of Wikipedia but for emojis. The date July 17 has been picked up from the calendar emoji available on iPhone that displays the same date.

Some are obsessed with the use of emojis while some think that it’s responsible for the decline of English Language. However, some also believe that emojis break down the language barrier and bring people closer irrespective of their cultural diversity.

On the occasion of World Emoji Day, here are certain facts about emojis that you may find amusing:

• The emojis were used for the very first time in 1995 when people used pagers to communicate with each other.         • The first ever emoji to be used in pagers was the symbol of the heart, which was an instant hit among the youth of Japan.
• As compared to the last year, the use of heart emoji has doubled on Facebook.
• Currently, 2,800 emojis are available on the internet while 2300 of them are being used on a daily basis.
• Every day around 7 crores emojis are used on Facebook.
• The maximum use of emojis is reported to be on New Year’s Eve.

Misunderstood emojis

Almost all social media platforms are flooded with several kinds of emojis ranging from animals to food items and from flags to sports. However, there are certain emojis that are misinterpreted by the users. Check them out below:

Folded Hands

world emoji day

Some use it as High-five while some think that it’s for offering prayers but in reality, these folded hands are used to express gratitude.

The face with the teeth

world emoji day
There are different emojis for a laughing face but this one which is often confused as a grin is actually a grimace to express disgust or wry amusement.

The face with clouds of smoke

world emoji day
Many people use this to express anger but in reality, it expresses pride.

The face with a droplet

world emoji day

People confuse this with the crying face but it shows sweat dripping down the forehead.

The star

world emoji dayPeople see it as a shooting star but this actually represents dizziness which is commonly found in comic books and cartoons when any character hits his head.



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