World Environment Day 2018: Let’s beat plastic pollution together!

Much have we taken from the environment, is it a good time to give back? Well, it is high time! On the World Environment Day this year, India is promoting the idea of protecting the environment. The day which is observed by UN will now be robustly observed in India. It will revolve around encouraging awareness and propagating the need for protecting the environment.

Taking forward the theme of Environment Day 2018: “Beat Plastic Pollution”, and has had a unique theme ever since its conception in 1974. Now, diverting attention to the theme of 2018: Plastic – Why Plastic? How is it detrimental to our environment?

Plastic is that element which can be blamed for major water pollution and also a danger factor for the existing marine life. Not only this, it also has a significant negative impact on human life.

Considering the fact that plastic is a highly essential material which is useful in almost all aspects of life from the kitchen to gardening to hospitals and other avenues, the fact that nearly one-third of it is not disposed of properly cannot be ignored.

Consequently, the drainage system gets damaged. Drainage is just one avenue which is getting damaged but there are many more like water bodies, pipelines, the health of fauna which is getting ruined and rampantly affected by the use of plastic. Plastic is a bane, and finding an alternative solution to it is the key to saving our environment from the damage.

The day is observed not just to remind the public that they owe a responsibility to the environment, but it is also the government which is reminded of its promises to ensure a sustainable future for the coming generations.

The removal or at least elimination of non-recyclable resources by one individual can also be a path-breaking step in light of the quotes which says: It starts with one person! So, are you saying no to plastic (or try to avoid) from your end today?



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