World Heritage Day 2018 and Rajasthan’s efforts for conserving its historical sites

World Heritage Day
World Heritage Day

India is a land of heritage and cultural pride. When it comes to cultural heritage sites, India could be placed in the list of the richest countries. The state of Rajasthan in India holds a unique place due to its monuments and historical buildings. Over the years, the government of Rajasthan has worked to preserve rich heritage of the state. On the occasion of World Heritage Day, let’s know how Rajasthan is making efforts for conserving historical sites.

With an aim to revitalize historic towns and cities of the state, government of Rajasthan has started State Heritage Programme. In this program, more than 40 towns and cities of Rajasthan have been incorporated. The focus of the government is on valuing historic towns and cities. Here, the natural/cultural landscapes are identified and efforts are made on their sustainable growth.

There are also various schemes run by state government for developing and promoting tourism. Even, a strategic framework has been prepared for Rajasthan which shall guide the state in taking the agenda of inclusive revitalisation forward. The government has also taken help of local bodies to preserve and restore ancient havelis in the decided cities and towns.

World Heritage Day

With the help of Autodesk, the US-based 3D design technology firm, the Rajasthan government has taken a lead to preserve monuments using the most advanced design technology. Under this project, all existing buildings and infrastructure will be scanned. After this, a 3D digital model of the state is created. This will help in maintenance and restoration of projects.

Till now, Albert Palace, seven gates of the walled city in Jaipur, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Udaipur City Palace and Jaipur City Palace have been covered.

The 3D project will be completed in three phases. The first phase involves making of a digital 3D model of historical and archaeological sites. In second, point clouds will be transferred into Autodesk Revit to build a detailed Building Information Model. In the last phase, architectural features are captured with high-resolution digital cameras and turned into 3D models.

World Heritage Day
On 18 April, World Heritage Day is celebrated. It aims to preserve the human heritage and recognize the efforts of all relevant organizations in the field. It is an annual event where efforts are made to raise the public’s awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage. In 1983, the General Assembly of UNESCO approved 18 April as “World Heritage Day”.



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