The Oldest Aircraft Carrier, INS Viraat Will Be Exhibited As An Exclusive Museum

Viraat Aircraft Carrier Museum in Mumbai

INS Viraat the aircraft carrier is in service of Indian Navy from last 55 years. This oldest aircraft will be discontinued from the service period on coming March 6th, 2017. An adieu ceremony will be conducted in Mumbai on coming Wednesday. Like INS Vikrant metal was used to make Bajaj V bikes, this aircraft carrier will also be brought to some handsome use. The new proposals are about converting it into a museum. Though, the proposal is yet to take a better shape. This will be considered to put the aircraft into a better use and not sell it for scrap. The danger of getting this aircraft sold at junk prices is bothering the authorities and that is why they are considering to alter its use for a better showcase.

For being 55 years old, the aircraft  carrier is the oldest in the world. It has got its name in the Guinness World Records for its longest service in warship. Along with the Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar, many other elites and dignitaries will attend the adieu ceremony.

INS Aircraft Viraat Museum in Mumbai


During this gala, the naval flag on the warship will be lowered and wrapped-up. This will be a mark of climax for the 55 years old service of this aircraft and 30 years of service in Indian Navy.

INS Viraat Future Vision:

Andhra Pradesh government has revealed a keen interest in taking the ship and there are many other alternatives. Thus, they still have not reached to a concrete decision for this oldest aircraft carrier.
The Defence ministry have expressed that, “It will cost them a sum of Rs. 1,000 crore to make it an aircraft carrier museum. Along with this, they will need to decide a proper berthing and resting place for this with a sustainable revenue model. Andhra Pradesh government want to take the deal forward but with half priced MOD foot”.

INS Viraat Aircraft Carrier Museum in Mumbai


The aircraft carrier is referred as “Grand Old Lady” in the Indian naval community.



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