Xiaomi’s solidifies its commitment and participation in India

Xiaomi Mi 5 launch in India

China’s brand Xiaomi is world’s 5th largest Smartphone maker. It has been noticed being busy pumping up its range within Indian market with a special flash sale, an investment in a local media company and the commencement of a flagship device.

The special flagship sale started today on 6th of April on the company’s official website. The occasion was to celebrate their 6th successful birthday. It included the sale on items like mobiles, chargers, power banks, and other mobile phone accessories. Main product of this entire sale was the flagship of Xiaomi model
Mi 5. The phone was earlier launched just a few days back i:e on 31st of March. To put a newly launched phone out on a flagship sale is a great gamble but it is also a signifier of Xiaomi’s confidence.

In fact the most interesting part about Mi 5 is that after China it will only be available in India to purchase.

On their website, the company has mentioned, “Mi Fan Festival is every Mi Fan’s biggest opportunity to get fantastic deals from Mi, and we’re super excited to host this in India for the first time!”

Xiaomi Mi 5 launch in India

Xiaomi’s interest in India doesn’t end with this as in the beginning we talked about the other two deals too. One is about the recent investment done by the company when it led a $25-million financial support in digital media entertainment company Hungama.

“This is the first ever investment that Xiaomi has made in an Indian company. It marks the deepening of Xiaomi’s strategy to introduce localized internet services, in particular content, on its Smartphones in India,” the company stated in one of the press releases.

“The move also further solidifies Xiaomi’s commitment in India.”



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