Amid the layoff season across the business world, this Indian company is gifting cars to its employees

Tridhya Tech, global recession
Amid global recession, Tridhya Tech is offering cars to its employees
Tridhya Tech, global recession
Amid global recession, Tridhya Tech is offering cars to its employees

These days, Tridhya Tech, an IT business with headquarters in Ahmedabad, is gaining attention. The business recently celebrated five years since its founding. The company has given 13 expensive cars to its staff as a token of appreciation for their contributions to its success.

Thirteen of Tridhya Tech’s employees received cars as rewards, whereas large multinational corporations like Google and Meta are laying off thousands of workers.

Anything the company has accomplished in the last five years, according to MD Ramesh Marand, is the result of the laborious efforts of the staff.

According to Marand, who also claims that the company believes in sharing the money earned with the employees, the company rewarded the employees to acknowledge their dedication and hard work.

According to Marand, the company will keep providing its employees with more programmes like this in the future. He noted that the company’s initiative was well received by the staff and said that such initiatives will motivate the staff to work hard for the company and stay involved.

One of the 13 employees who received a car said the company valued everyone’s efforts. Receiving recognition for your efforts and seeing the benefits is a wonderful feeling.

But receiving a car from your employer is on an entirely different level. The business consistently recognises and values our contribution to expansion.

The staff of Chennai-based IT company Ideas2IT received up to 100 cars as gifts in April 2022 in appreciation for their unwavering loyalty and exceptional contributions to the success and growth of the business.

“One hundred of our employees who have worked for us for more than ten years will each receive a car as a gift. We currently employ 500 people. Our goal is to give our employees back the wealth we have received “Hari Subramanian, marketing director at Ideas2IT, said.

It took place only a few days after Chennai-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) company Kissflow gave five of its senior executives gifts of pricey BMW cars, each with a value of about 1 crore.