5 Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in India

best places to celebrate christmas in india

‘Jingle Bell,Jingle Bell, Jingle all the way’

Doesn’t hearing to this Christmas Carol make you wanna pack that bright red Santa cap into that old American Tourister. We all know that the time around Christmas can be exhilarating. The smell of freshly baked muffins and cakes, the chiming of the bells, warm greetings, the lighting of the Christmas tree all sets us grooving. Regardless of the religion we follow, admit it, we all have put up our stocking outside and waited eagerly for our secret Santa. Well, It’s time to meet your Santa in different exotic places in India. So, if you are ready to meet your Santa,then zoom through this list of the best places to visit in India during Christmas.



The Cathedral Church in Shillong is one of the oldest in North East India and people from all over the world flock to witness the Midnight Mass. The melodious hymns, tall Christmas trees all add to the festivities. You can also be the lucky one to witness pre-Christmas celebration at All Saints Cathedral where the century old fir tree is illuminated and the priests talk about the joys of Christmas. (Well, we love Christmas for its joyous atmosphere, don’t we ??) Don’t forget to catch a live musical performance by one of the local bands during Christmas holidays. You can also hear some of them play Gospel music in churches as well. So, get grooving for a fantastic time in Shillong.



Once a French colony in India, it is also known as’India’s Little France’. Widely known for its beautiful and spectacular beaches,this place also provides you with traditional churches. It is immensely famous for its scheduled programs in churches such as’The Church Of Our Last of Immaculate Conception’ and ‘Basilica of the Sacred Heart Of Jesus Christ’ which we just cannot afford to miss during the festive season.

The serene beaches and sumptuous local cuisine are other reasons for you to book one of the Christmas Holiday deals for Pondicherry.



If you are looking for an alternate to Goa then Kerala definitely comes to your rescue. It is widely known for its clean and beautiful beaches. Churches all over have Midnight Mass which include enactment of Jesus Christ’s birth scene, carol singing to name few of the many attractions. Also famous for backwaters, Kerala comes with its own charm. The relaxed ambience of the houseboats is ideal for Christmas holidays. Walking through the local lanes, who would wanna miss the local feast which consists of Achappan, bread with fish molly, beef curry and traditional Kerala sweets. With nature and peace calling upon you, Kerala sure does require straightway booking.



Due to its historical value, Mumbai is one of the most popular tourist destination. Christmas is celebrated with much vigour and zest. With malls and market decked up with Christmas trees laden with arty decoration and lights. Stroll along the lanes of Church Gate, Hill Road and Bandra and you will witness brightly lit up terrific Christmas trees on sidewalks. (Yes, Mumbai has the audacity to look so beautiful). Mount Mary’s Basilica in Bandra has this tradition to light a candle during Midnight Mass. It is believed that doing so can make your wish come true.(It worked for me, wink wink). So dash up to make your wish count.


best places to celebrate christmas in india

Talking about Christmas celebration,Goa cannot be missed, can it be??. Being a Christian dominated area, it is better known for its historical churches and rich Christian tradition. Believe me, you will be mesmerised by the beautifully decorated churches and countless number of stalls of homemade chocolates and infectious atmosphere of general happiness. Celebrating Christmas is one of the highlights of holidaying in Goa in December. Celebrating Christmas in an entirely new and a different place, can be truly mesmerising. Believe me, we make memories for a lifetime which we cherish throughout our lives. So,I am ready to make memories, are you???

By: Guest Author Sindhuja Dubey



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