The Whispering Winters of Delhi – Malvika Rudra Verma

winter season of delhi

Someone knocked at my door,

When I opened it

A young girl was standing there

Clad in a beautiful blue-white dress

She was singing a song

In a mellifluous voice

She whispered something in my ear

I understood at once


Winter has come at last

This is the best way I could describe how we Delhiites always wait for the winters to arrive and knock at our doors to give us some relief from the scorching heat. No doubt that this weather can be very harsh and cruel in its own way but the joy and ecstasy it brings with it are something that cannot be overlooked. Each season has its own charm but ‘Dili ki sardi’ is a bit hatke. The nerve chilling breeze and the fog, the beautiful afternoons and the food, are a few things that defines Delhi in winters. A number of birds migrate at this time. The sky of Delhi is filled with the flight of different birds such as painted storks, black storks, grey herons etc. that can be spotted if you are a keen observer and a nature lover. For the shutterbugs it’s a good time to do bird photography in the wetlands that Delhi has got and various other places that are in and near Delhi such as Sanjay Van, Okhla Bird Sanctuary, Sultanpur National Park that are home to different species of residential and migratory birds during this time. But you need to be a bit cautious as by and by the capital becomes foggy, so choose the best time of the day and cover yourselves properly and enjoy clicking. It’s perhaps the best time to visit with your friends and family to various historical places and take long walks of these places without getting much tired and much tanned. Delhi can leave you dumbstruck as it is has a rich history of emperors who built a lot of emblems in form of these monuments. These historical sites to name a few such as India Gate, Humayun’s Tomb, Old Fort, Fort of Tuglaqabad,  Qutub Minar and the list continues, are the treasure; the heritage of the capital, each symbolizing a different culture, a unique history and each has a story to narrate. If you are a good listener, then you can hear the whispering of these historical places as well. If you love to click historical sites then the capital is one of the best places to do so. Delhi is an amalgamation of different cultures, different people from all over the country, and of course different cuisines, especially the mouth watering street food of Delhi such as moong dal ke ladoo, mirchi pakoda, tandoori momos, moth kachori, tapree ki chai, pav bhaji, rabdi of old Delhi etc. to make the winter season more delicious. The sweet afternoons in winters are best suited to enjoy family picnics in beautiful gardens of Delhi such as Central park, Lodhi Gardens etc. So people just cover yourselves and enjoy the lovely whispering winters of Delhi.

I am enjoying talking to my winters. Are you?  

Article written by our guest author Malvika Rudra Verma

A photo posted by oh my india (@ohmyindia) on

A photo posted by oh my india (@ohmyindia) on



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