Meet Gautam Kundu: A biggest Fraud of India

Meet Gautam Kundu: A biggest Fraud of India

Gautam Kundu, a biggest name among the frauds of India, who have cheated both government and the common people for money’s sake or for the personal benefits. The Rose Valley Group’s CMD Gautam Kundu is an owner of more than 700 acres of land, 23 hotels, nearly 150 cars, 900 branch offices and last but not the least over 3000 bank accounts.


If these numbers is pinching your excitement than better get informed that, all these properties and bank accounts are part of a chit fund scam, which has been discovered recently by SEBI. The case is been handed over to Enforcement Directorate (ED), which arrested Gautam Kundu in March this year.

The primary investigation carried out by ED reveals that, the Rose Valley Group of Companies has risen more than Rs.15000 crore in past few years. As per records of investigating agency, Gautam’s realm is spread over 12 states which includes West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Bihar, Pujab, Delhi, MP, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh.

Properties of Kundu can be roughly sketched out from the list which has 15 acres land in Assam, 10 in MP, 110 in Tripura and around 100 acres in West Bengal. Furthermore in this list there are 23 hotels across India’s map, which also includes luxury hotels in Jaipur, Jalpaiguri, Siliguri and Kolkata. A 6000 square feet villa in Ranchi and diamond Jewellery Mall are few among them. A nothing less than 900 branch offices in various parts of West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, Assam, Delhi and Andhra Pradesh, is something which can’t be forgotten while mentioning Kundu’s properties list.


The Rose Valley group of Companies has 27 companies out which only seven are active and rest exists only on paper. Gautam Kundu more or less resembles the character of Hollywood actor Leonardo Decaprio’s movie ‘Wolf of the Wall Street’ or one can also find its resemblance with that of ‘Catch Me if You Can’. An only difference between both the characters is its climax, which cannot be scripted to a good man.

The reason why we mentioned those movies is, the company has also invested in Film production projects in Bengali movies along with others like Tollywood and Bollywood as well. The company was among the sponsors of IPL team Kolkata Night Rider owned by Shahrukh Khan.

Now anyone in the country can guess that how does this fraud become possible. Obviously, there is an involvement of our talented and corrupt politicians. Parliamentary Members of Trinamool Congress has a participation in the scam.

In this case ED has already filed a chargesheet in the High Court, but since there are roles of politicians in the scam, the case has been given to CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation), which is now questioning suspects of the case on regular basis.



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