Darjeeling: The magical town of West Bengal

Darjeeling tourist place

As soon as you reach West Bengal in the month of May or June, the scorching heat of sun surely disturbs you. But as you move towards the beautiful town Darjeeling, the heat that once irritated you appears to be the most soothing thing ever. The journey starts from the plains of city, with hustle bustle around, people busy with there daily works, children playing near the streets, rickshaw pullers arguing or chatting with each other. The greenery of farms around contrasts the hustle bustle and grey life of humans. It is like the landscape with more of green color in it.


The magic starts when you move towards the hilly area leaving behind the city space. The hot and humid wind turns into the cool breeze, the straight roads starts to turn and twist around the hills, the clouds that were up high choose to accompany you. The railway tracks beside the road, signals the existence of the old engines trains. The humming of women working in the tea farms mixes with wind and takes you to the mesmerizing new place. The narrow and wide streets of the town smiling new faces will surely make you feel comfortable and near home.

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Darjeeling, the town situated at the Himalayan foothills, has the most breathtaking mornings and pleasant evenings. To enjoy the sunrise, Tiger Hill serves the best view. Standing under the dark sky, with the Darjeeling special tea warming your palms waiting for sun to rise is the most desperate moment. Minute after minute looking at the blank sky with some puffs of cotton clouds you see the sun innocently waking up, with striking rays trying to touch each and everything around. But the first rays touch the Kanchenjunga range, making the outline of the mountains. The landscape fills with the chirping of birds around. Whole canvas starts to wake up. Away from city’s busy life, this serves the most energizing morning. Staying near the nature with such magical moments is a treat. This treat is multiplied when you’ll find the strawberries in the shrubs nearby, not so usual thing for city people.


The best thing in India is that it is rich with the diverse cultures. The language, their dress, the food and the architecture change from one place to another. You learn different things from them and take a different picture of India with you every time. In Darjeeling you can enjoy the festivity of the market, the taste of steamed Momos and Tibetan Thukpa, the famous beverage black tea, the Gothic architecture of Churches around and the Buddhist monasteries highlighting the pagoda style of architecture. You can dedicate rest of the pleasant day visiting other attractions like Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Peace Pagoda, Batasia Loop, Bhutia Busty Monastery, and Ropeway etc. This town doesn’t ask for anything instead showers immense love and peace.

By: Guest Author Neha Sinha 



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