“I never insulted India on foreign soil” – Rahul Gandhi after Cambridge speech

Rahul Gandhi, Cambridge speech
File image of Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi, Cambridge speech
File image of Rahul Gandhi

In the midst of a major controversy over Rahul Gandhi’s speech at Cambridge University, the Congress leader told the Indian Journalists’ Association in London that he had never insulted India on foreign soil.

“My Cambridge lecture contains no disparaging remarks about India. I recall the prime minister going abroad and declaring that nothing had been accomplished in the 70 years since independence. I recall him saying that there is a lost decade of ten years in India, and that there is unlimited corruption.

These are not statements he made in India. These are his words from abroad “According to Rahul Gandhi. Read more about the controversy surrounding Rahul Gandhi’s Pegasus claim; the BJP labels him a “serial offender”

“I have never slandered my country. I’m not interested in it and will never do it. Of course, the BJP enjoys twisting my words. That’s all right. And the media likes to hype it up for TRP purposes. However, the person who defames India when he travels abroad is India’s Prime Minister “According to Rahul Gandhi.

“You haven’t heard his speech in which he stated that nothing had happened in the previous 70 years? Are you insulting every single Indian? Every single Indian parent and grandparent has been insulted. What is it if that isn’t an insult? What about all the people who worked and built India during the ten years he claims were lost?
Rahul Gandhi went on to say that a different narrative is developed because money is involved.”

“Behind the story is Mr Adani and his billions of dollars. There is a transfer going on. Mr Adani receives India’s wealth as a result of the narrative. So that’s the deal. But we refuse to accept the transfer, so there is no narrative “According to Rahul Gandhi.

In his Cambridge speech, Rahul Gandhi stated that the government is undermining Indian democracy by attacking institutions such as the judiciary and the media.

He claimed that Prime Minister Modi is destroying India’s architecture and imposing ideas that the country cannot absorb. Rahul Gandhi accused the BJP government of spying on opposition leaders and said his phone had Pegasus on it.