‘Kaha aana hai?’: Bajrang Punia challenges an ex-IPS officer following a ‘bullet’ warning amid wrestlers’ protest

Bajrang Punia, wrestling protests
Bajrang Punia tweeted in response to the Kerala IPS Officer tweet

On Monday, ace wrestler Bajrang Punia and former Kerala director general of police (DGP) NC Asthana engaged in a heated online debate after the latter threatened to shoot protesting grapplers if necessary. Punia responded to Asthana’s tweet by saying he was willing to take bullets in the chest.

The spat erupted after chaotic scenes at the Jantar Mantar dharna site, just three kilometres from the new Parliament building inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, as protesters and police officers shoved and pushed each other when the Phogat sisters, Sakshi Malik, and others attempted to breach the barricades.

After the wrestlers and other demonstrators were put onto buses and moved to other sites, police began dismantling the protest site by removing beds, mattresses, coolers, fans, and the tarpaulin ceiling, as well as other wrestlers’ things.

Later that night, while retweeting a news story, Asthana said in Hindi, “Will even shoot if necessary.” But not because of what you say. They are currently being hauled and tossed away like a sack of junk. The police have the power to shoot under Article 129. That request will likewise be granted if the conditions are met. However, in order to understand this, one must be educated. “I’ll see you at the postmortem table!”

In another tweet, the former DGP remarked, “Some fools question the police’s right to shoot.” If you can understand English, read the Supreme Court’s ruling on Akhilesh Prasad’s case. It is best not to try this privilege if you are illiterate and cannot read. Wives will be widowed and children will be orphaned for no cause! maintain your fitness.”

Punia, one of India’s top grapplers who are seeking the arrest of Wrestling Federation of India head Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, who reportedly sexually assaulted female wrestlers, appeared to be disturbed by the former IPS officer’s post.

“This IPS officer is threatening to shoot us.” I’m standing in front of you, brother. Tell me where I can get shot… I vow I’ll do it.

“This IPS officer is threatening to shoot us.” I’m standing in front of you, brother. Tell me where I can get shot… I pledge I will not turn around, and I will take your bullet in the chest. This is what has left, and it is now appropriate to deal with us,” Punia tweeted in Hindi.

Rajya Sabha MP Priyanka Chaturvedi also chastised Asthana.

“Former IPS agent turned full-time foul-mouthed human.” “How and when did our country’s preparation for such noble services go so wrong?” Chaturvedi took to Twitter.

Wrestlers Vinesh Phogat, Sakshi Malik, Punia, and other demonstrators were arrested for rioting and hindering public servants in the course of their duties following a confrontation with security forces who attempted to stop them.

After a struggle with security forces who tried to stop them from marching to the new Parliament building as it was being inaugurated, wrestlers Vinesh Phogat, Sakshi Malik, and Punia, along with other demonstrators, were charged for rioting and impeding public servant in discharge of duty.

According to authorities, 700 persons were detained around the national capital. At Jantar Mantar, 109 protestors, including the three wrestlers, were detained. Later in the evening, female captives were freed.