Khalistani Leader On The Run, 4 Aides Charged Under National Security Act

Amritpal singh, Khalistan leader
File image of Khalistan leader Amritpal Singh
Amritpal singh, Khalistan leader
File image of Khalistan leader Amritpal Singh

Today, as the manhunt for Khalistani leader Amritpal Singh entered its third day, his uncle and driver surrendered. Harijit Singh, his uncle, and Harpreet, his driver, surrendered in Mehatpur, Punjab.

When the police were chasing the Khalistani leader and his aides on Saturday, Amritpal Singh’s uncle Harijit Singh was driving a Mercedes. Harijit Singh stated that he and Amritpal parted ways during the 15-16 km cop chase.

Four of Amritpal Singh’s top aides have been arrested and flown to Dibrugarh in upper Assam under the strict National Security Act (NSA).

So far, the police have arrested 112 of Amritpal Singh’s associates, 34 of whom were apprehended on Sunday. Several members of his ‘Waris Punjab De’ movement have been detained and questioned. Daljeet Singh Kalsi was among those detained.

Daljeet Singh Kalsi, the man in charge of Amritpal Singh’s finances, was among those arrested.

After videos on social media showed a Khalistani sympathiser pulling down the national flag outside the Indian High Commission in London, the External Affairs Ministry summoned British deputy high commissioner Christina Scott late Sunday evening.

According to sources, the police have launched a massive operation to apprehend Amritpal, who was last seen speeding away on a motorcycle in Jalandhar on Saturday evening. The cops seized his car, which contained firearms and dozens of live cartridges.

Punjab has tightened restrictions on mobile internet and SMS services. Haryana, a neighbouring state, is also on high alert.

In the midst of India’s crackdown, Khalistani supporters demonstrated in the United Kingdom. Protesters were seen on social media climbing the Indian High Commission building in London and removing the national flag.

According to intelligence reports, Amritpal Singh was stockpiling weapons and preparing youths for suicide attacks at drug rehab centres and a gurdwara.

Several arms and ammunition were seized during the ongoing crackdown on the so-called Anandpur Khalsa Front (AKF), a creation of Amritpal Singh.

The crackdown comes less than a month after Amritpal Singh and his supporters stormed a police station armed with swords and guns in exchange for the release of one of his aides.