“Narendra Modi A Great Guy, Doing A Terrific Job For India”, Donald Trump

Donald Trump, Narendra Modi
Former U.S. President Donald Trump has praised Narendra Modi in a recent interview
Donald Trump, Narendra Modi
Former U.S. President Donald Trump has praised Narendra Modi in a recent interview

Former US President Donald Trump gave the broadest signal yet that he would run for government again in 2024 while praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi and saying that India “has never had a finer friend than me” in an exclusive interview.

When asked if he had a stronger bond with India than Presidents Joe Biden or Barack Obama, Donald Trump responded to NDTV: “I think my relationship… you’ll have to ask Prime Minister Modi, but I don’t think you’ve ever had a better relationship than you had with President Trump.”

When asked if he will run for President once more, he responded, “I am the front-runner in the polls, and everyone wants me to run.

I think I’m going to decide in the very near future.”

Trump spoke about his friendship with Prime Minister Modi, with whom he attended significant events in Houston and India while president, as well as the enormous support the Indian community gave him.

“I have a terrific relationship with Prime Minister Modi and with India. We have been buddies for a while. He’s a nice guy, in my opinion, and doing a tremendous job. He has a difficult job to do. However, we have a long history of friendship. Excellent man, he said.

Regarding a potential Trump 2.0 and his goals for America and India, the former leader stated: “For America, energy independence. With your fantastic Prime Minister Modi, India is doing quite fine, my friend. I can only speak for America.

I can only speak for myself when I say that America will soon be energy independent and that our economy, which is currently in decline, will once again be booming. Okay, we broke all employment records.

We’ve never experienced an economy like to the one I did. However, we’ll regain our energy independence and take action that we haven’t been able to in the previous two years.

He listed the relationships he developed while in office, including his ties to India.

“I believe that India has never had a buddy like me. That’s one of the connections I’ve made. As President, I am the best friend India has ever had.