Neeraj Chopra Diet: What Does India’s ‘Golden Boy’ Eat To Keep Himself Fit?

Neeraj Chopra celebrates winning gold medal at World Athletics Championship 2023

Neeraj Chopra strives to maintain a 10% body fat level, which is said to be ideal for javelin throw competitors. It’s challenging to keep your body fat percentage low, though. The Haryana-based athlete adheres closely to his eating plan, which is rich in fruits and protein. He makes sure to eat enough macronutrients to support muscle building and keep his body fat percentage at a healthy level.

In a conversation with ESPN, Neeraj described his regimen for maintaining physical fitness. Neeraj begins each day with a glass of juice or coconut water. His meal is still light but quite nutritious. Three to four egg whites, two pieces of bread, a bowl of Dalia, and fruits are reportedly included in the 25-year-old’s diet.

Neeraj is known to have curd and rice for lunch along with pulses, grilled chicken, and salad. Neeraj enjoys drinking fresh juice and snacking on dry fruits, especially almonds, in between meals or while exercising.

Neeraj prefers to keep his dinners simple. Mostly soup, boiled veggies, and fruits make up this meal.

For athletes, protein is still a crucial component of their diet. Neeraj also gets some of his protein from supplements. Neeraj reportedly followed a rigorous vegetarian diet up until 2016, but afterwards included non-vegetarian foods to his diet to boost his training. He recently began eating salmon seafood as well.

It’s meant to be beneficial for you. I recently began eating it. I’d rather have some grilled salmon if I have to eat non-vegetarian stuff,” he admitted.

While Neeraj prefers to follow a strict diet plan, he does allow for cheat meals on occasion. He frequently indulges in sweets, golgappas, and churma, a traditional Haryanvi dish made with mashed roti, sugar, and ghee.