PM Modi slams Congress in Rajasthan, says it’s a ‘symbol of corruption, nepotism, appeasement’

PM Modi calls Rajasthan Congress full of nepotism
Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge, CM Ashok Gehlot, state Congress president Govind Singh Dotasara and party leader Sachin Pilot, along with others, launched the party's election manifesto for Rajasthan Assembly elections to be held on November 25, in Jaipur today.

The manifesto pledges various commitments such as providing interest-free loans of up to Rs. 2 lakh for farmers, implementing a law ensuring Minimum Support Price (MSP) based on the Swaminathan report, conducting a caste census in the state, and enhancing the ‘Chiranjeevi Health Protection Insurance,’ among other initiatives.

Earlier, the BJP had already presented its manifesto on November 16, outlining numerous welfare schemes for women, youth, and students. Prime Minister Modi, during a public rally, intensified the BJP’s campaign against the incumbent Congress government in Rajasthan’s Anta.

He referred to the party as a symbol of ‘nepotism, corruption, and appeasement,’ criticizing the Congress-led government under Ashok Gehlot for overlooking atrocities against Dalits and labeling the state as the “No. 1” in crimes against women.

PM Modi highlighted issues like the beheading of Kanhaiya Lal, paper leaks, corruption, and women’s safety concerns in Rajasthan in his public addresses.

Meanwhile, as per the directives from the Election Commission of India (EC), re-polling is being conducted today at a booth in the Ater assembly constituency in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhind district. This re-polling follows a breach of voting secrecy on November 17, where some individuals allegedly recorded videos of the voting process at the concerned booth in Kishupura.

Consequently, four members of the polling team have been suspended. The re-voting is scheduled on Tuesday from 7 am to 6 pm, and voters will have indelible ink applied to their middle finger after casting their votes.