Priyamani reveals she was placed behind Shah Rukh Khan in Jawan’s Zinda Banda song, SRK got her in front: ‘He told Atlee she is my dance teacher…’

Shahrukh Khan in Zinda Banda song
Shahrukh Khan in Zinda Banda song

As part of the enormous “Zinda Banda” song shoot for the movie Jawan, actor Priyamani has told how Shah Rukh Khan made sure she was dancing alongside him. The pair had earlier contributed to the hit song “One Two Three Four Get On The Dance Floor” from Chennai Express.

Priyamani claimed in an interview with Connect FM Canada that she was positioned behind Shah Rukh when the actors were practising the first set of choreography that was provided to them. The superstar “categorically” looked around when he got to the scene to see where Priyamani was and saw her standing behind him.

Shah Rukh Khan reportedly informed the director Atlee and choreographer Shobi Master that she should sit next to him because she has been his “dance teacher” since Chennai Express and in the event that he forgets his routines, he will follow her movements, according to Priyamani.

“What are you doing behind me?” he yelled. ‘I don’t know, sir,’ I replied. I’ve been positioned behind you. They said this, to be exact. He said, “No,” and forced me to stand next to him by grabbing my hand and my shoulder. I want this girl to stand next to me, he said to Atlee sir and Shobi master. Whatever the choreography is, I don’t care. I receive nothing. She has been teaching me to dance since Chennai Express.

I don’t care if I make a mistake. We’re going to do this while I only look at her.

“So every time we went anywhere, he would ask me, ‘Tell me how you do.’ I said, “Sir, the hand is here, the leg is there, and we simply move in this manner.” You’ll see that Sanya (Malhotra) is to his right and I am to his left in the song. So, she continued, “He always wanted us to be next to him.

“So, the dancing was terrific, and I think the vibe is phenomenal. People are praising the song, and many are even creating reels and sending them to us.

They are tagging us and announcing that Zinda Banda fever has broken out. “Jawan fever” is prevalent. So it was excellent.