Punjab’s Stubble Burning Far Removed, Haryana’s Closer Smoke Clouding Delhi: AAP

The air quality in Delhi, India, remains in the “severe” category, despite efforts by the government to reduce pollution. The government has acknowledged that air quality in Delhi has improved in recent years, but it is still far from safe. One of the main sources of pollution in Delhi is stubble burning, a practice used by farmers in nearby states to clear their fields after harvest. The smoke from stubble burning can travel long distances and contribute to air pollution in Delhi.

The government has taken steps to reduce stubble burning, such as providing subsidies for machines that can be used to clear fields without burning. However, these measures have not been as effective as hoped.

In addition to stubble burning, other sources of pollution in Delhi include vehicles, industry, and construction. The government has also taken steps to reduce pollution from these sources, but more needs to be done. Banning the entry of trucks into Delhi, except for trucks carrying essential commodities or providing essential services.