13 Bengaluru Schools Evacuated After Bomb Threat By Mail: Bengaluru Police

13 Bengaluru schools were evacuated by police after bomb threats
13 Bengaluru schools were evacuated by police after bomb threats

Thirteen schools in Bengaluru were subjected to bomb threats on Friday morning via email, as confirmed by the police. The threatening emails asserted the presence of explosives on the school premises.

Upon receiving the alarming messages, law enforcement authorities were promptly informed and initiated a thorough search across the schools to identify any potential threats. Bomb disposal squads were dispatched to the affected schools situated in various areas including Whitefield, Koremangala, Basveshnagar, Yalahanka, and Sadashivanagar.

A senior police officer, quoted by news agency PTI, mentioned that the emails explicitly indicated the presence of explosives at the schools. The police swiftly responded by evacuating all students and staff from the school premises to ensure their safety while conducting extensive search operations.

One of the schools, in response to the bomb threat, issued an advisory to parents stating that they had received an unexpected security threat from unknown sources. As a precautionary measure, they decided to immediately disperse the students.

The incident bears a resemblance to a situation last year when seven schools in Bengaluru also received bomb threats, which were later determined to be false alarms, according to the police.