5 Essentials Must for Cleaning Gadgets

5 Essentials Must for Cleaning Gadgets

Everyone one of us is surrounded by number of gadgets such as Laptops, Smartphone, Tablets, Smart TV and many more. Most of these gadgets posses a touch screen panel and as a result it attracts tiny dust particles, which we generally clean by striking surfaces like jeans, tissues and handkerchiefs. The frequent strike over a rough surface creates scratches over the screen of touch devices.

Apart from dust particles, these touch panel devices accumulates fingerprints and even pathogens. So just wiping them down with a cloth is not enough therefore it requires better care. In order to keep your gadgets clean and attractive, these few products can be used which are not too expensive and at the same time gives desired results.

Screen Wipes


As most of the homes have several screens, it is recommended to wipe your screens using Screen Wipes. It has a special solution formulated to dry quickly without leaving any silt over the screen. Good quality of wipes be could bought in just Rs.500 (200 wipes) per box.

Cleaning Kit

The touch panel of gadgets not only attracts dust particles, but is also prone to solid spots and fingerprints. A most advisable way to get rid of these cleaning issues is to buy a screen cleaning kit which contains microfiber cloth and screen cleaning liquid. The cost of Kit starts from Rs.150 onwards. The liquid provided in the Kit is safe for all types screen of devices.

Air Blower


A desktop is computer has number of components inside its cabinet, although it is closed from both sides but it does attract lot of dust. This accumulated dust has adverse effects in terms of overheating of the CPU, due to poor air circulation. This dust can be easily removed using Air Blowers. A good quality Blowers will cost you noting more than Rs.500.

Camera Blower


Every one of us loves a good quality images, enabled by the image sensor present in DSLR and all camera devices. However, dust particles also settles on image sensor of camera, depending upon the time and usage of device. The best way to deal with these particles and maintain quality of images, it is must that you have Camera Blower. A decent quality of such blower is available in nothing more than Rs. 300.

Lens Pen


To keep your camera (DSLR) lens clear, a very handy tool is Lens Pen widely available for Rs 300. It has a retractable soft brush on one side, which can be used to remove dust from lens or even the body of camera. The tool can be used for cleaning glass elements of Microscopes and Telescopes.



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