Best Cities in India – Why living in Jaipur is great!

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5 reasons why Jaipur is the best city to live in!

It is highly unlikely that anybody in India would have not heard about the famous dhundhar heartland, also known as the ‘Pink City’.  While the appreciation of the city with regards to its colossal history and unique heritage could go on and on, here are 5 reasons why it is also one of the finest cities in India for the denizens to reside.


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Unlike other metro cities in India, Jaipur is comparatively smaller and very well planned. While the old city confined with the splendid pink walls is somewhat crowded because of business concentrations, the new areas around the walled city are planned simply and gracefully. The clean and wide JLN Marg found at the heart of the city is one of the best roads in India. So, while it’s easier to travel from a place to another, it also takes less time.


Civic Amenities and Crime: Jaipur City – One of the safest cities in India

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While in India, one must always be alert, Jaipur is still found to be one the safer cities in the country. Vigilant police along with aware citizens make it difficult for the unfortunate to happen. Watchful Traffic police may catch and fine you if you’re found without a helmet or seat belt tapped.

Shopping & Lifestyle

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One of the largest buying markets, shopping seems to be India’s favorite hobby. Jaipur is the ultimate haven for shopping lovers. From the narrow Pink ciy lanes heavily endowed with beautiful handicrafts, Rajasthani antiques, bandani and leheriya saris and dupattas, royal mojris, exquisite kundan-meena jewellery pieces to the ultra-modern World Trade Park comprising of luxury brands to the basic ones, Jaipur truly has it all! Along with the lovely souvenirs, J-Town is also home to some of the best food places. (Read more: Link of the 5 must eats)


Jaipur, in its perfection, has more than enough to offer, from the sky touching arches of Nahargarh to the Shila Devi ji Temple in Amer where Prasad includes alcohol – every nook and corner has its own story. While one loves the city they live in, it becomes almost inevitable to break the monotony and free away to a new destination. There are innumerable weekend getaways from Jaipur. One may desire a trip to the holy Ajmer and Pushkar cities. To realize the feel of mountains, greenery and incredible peace, head to the famous town of Kumbhalgarh along with Udaipur. A trip to the historic realms of Jodhpur is a must. Bikaner and Jaisalmer offer a picturesque sight of the golden sands. I think there is no such thing as too much calm, but when in need of chaos/business one may head out to New Delhi, the capital city of India that is only a 5-hour drive from Jaipur.

places to visit in jaipur
Kumbhalgarh in July

People and Living Expense

Today, every section of the society is compulsively thinking of how much hit the pocket is going to take while planning to live somewhere. Life has become more complex and everything has started mattering from good schools and hospitals to affordable accommodation. Hence it is vital to know that Jaipur offers the best in this context – great schools, world class hospitals, public transportation, international airport, employee friendly labour laws and industries offering ample job opportunities, Jaipur could be an ideal home. Lastly, the warm and friendly people here cherish their roots and culture while embracing realities quite gracefully.
Moving to Jaipur? Don’t think twice!



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