7 Reasons why Men are better Friends than Women


Men abide by the simple principle of plain friendship. These XY chromosomes are robust when they need to meet the decent criteria of friendship. So, all you girls men exceed marginally in the quest of being good friends in the long run. A survey has showcased that men generally sail with a strong friendship bond and that too for long years. Even our Bollywood movies have showcased the exemplary bonds of true friendship. Movies like Zindagi Na Mlegi Dobara, Dil Chahta Hai, Satte Pe Satta had spoken of the strong bro code. There are certain reasons that make guys maintain a congenial bond eternally and their friendship stays on mortar grounds.

1. They do crazy things; together!

Guys are offered more liberty and more access, which helps build up into a bond that sustains with good base of friendship. They can rush out any hour and be a crime a partner with their friends in all the weirdest things. Dil Chahta Hai portrayed it immensely how these three buddies unleash in their crazy self in their Goan escapade. They are brought up unleashing the crazy things together. Their bond of friendship gets more strong with their eccentric gimmicks and execution of weirdest ideas, turning into irreplaceable memories. However, women ge themselves restrained.

7 Reasons why Men are better Friends than Women
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2. They do not show off, rather make it simple

Men are sober when it comes to pushing their routine moments on social media, or we can say they do not portray their love show before the world. Girls rather highlight it with all the muaahs, kisses and pouts. Yes, men do not indulge themselves in these insane acts and stands on the real and pious grounds of being with each other.

men are better in friendship than women
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3. Men stands by during stiff situation

They are born to enlighten, gain power and wealth, and they do so in terms of true friendship bonds. They stand beside their friend if he is in a severe situation. They are conventionally grown human beings who understand and value the meaning of friendship. Excuses hold no place in their life, they are always backing their ‘Bhai’. Movies have proven the dignified roles played by male actors in being a strong hand supporting their friend. ‘Satte pe Satta‘ defined knitted bond of brothers and ‘Sholay‘ articulated impeccable chemistry amidst ‘Jai Veeru‘.

good palyers of friendship are men
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4. Men do not build jealousy for petty things

Unlike the big grabs like cars, bikes and girlfriends, men are not jealous on petty thinks unlike women. Women envy others new haircut, new buys, clothes and all other stuff that makes their best friend grin about it. Men are strongly organized and menial things does not overpower their tenacious string of friendship. ‘Chashmebadoor’ highlighted the  blended tales of three guys whose friendship was at par and in the end even the girl could not played her divine role in breaching it out.

men are better than women
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5. Less judgmental than woman

Women holds on to a point unless they prove it and  every point needs substantial justification. However, the other species of human race that is men, are less judgmental. They are prudent in their actions and according to them not everything requires sheer judgment. Like buying fruits does not need a proper market analysis. The epic example to put the point would be ‘Pyar Ka Punchnama‘, the hilarious tale of three strongly bonded guys.

men are better than women
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6. They let go easily

Men follow this basic principle of survival ‘Forgive and Forget’ and do not pile up stuff like women do. They are not constipated as they do not bag hefty grudges along and do not heap it up to a level unless it burst out like a volcano. They are composed in forgiving their friends unless the mistake did a voluminous harm.

reasons why men are better friends
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7. They imbibe the bro-code within

An exemplary brigade of humans who engrosses in their friendship completely. Whether it’s  boozing out together or helping out in meeting the love interest. They are biggest pillars to support their friend. What may come forward, they know the ethics of a brotherly friendship and live by that at any cost. Girls are not able to inculcate this very crucial requirement for a bond of friendship to sustain for long.

reasons why men are better friends
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Boys you have a clear win in bringing up your friendship at par.



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