7 tips to become a well dressed man


A first impression is always accounted and if you are well dressed, it adds brownie points to your persona. Dressing up is an imperative thing to inculcate in your lifestyle. A shabby dress up won’t play the trick making you look dull and tedious. If you look good, its fine but looking good with well dressing perfects the notion. Whether you are out for lunch, meetings, a casual outing or gang up with friends, guys your dressing speaks volume about yourself.

A well dressed man is always an eye-candy amidst group of girls and they pop their eyes out to gaze you without a blink. Lets see the ways which you can imbibe for a well dressing:

1. Consider your personality when picking clothes 

well dressed men

While your attire speaks for your personality, make sure you imbibe your physique into consideration when you pick clothes. Do not lure for over-sized or under-sized clothing. If you are lean an extra over-sized won’t make you look bulky, rather exhibit an informal personality that may cut your points. Dress according to the occasion is necessary and that too with class.

2. Keep it simple


Accessorizing your look is a great idea, but if you flaunt like women does, you are going to mess it up. Keeping any attire simple and classy helps in adding grace to it. Try imbibe this golden rule while you dress up as dressing smart is a big game.

3. Update your wardrobe

well dressed tipsUpdating your treasure with the latest offerings from various season, helps in making your style better. For a well dressed man, the exquisite pieces always come first. So, try to haul as much as you can when you are getting best deal. Enhancing your shopping sense does all the drama to get the ball in your court.

4. Layer up

dressing tips for men

A golden rule for well dressing, is layering up. Look for this option when you are apprehensive about your dressing. Trying waistcoat over a shirt or a cool jacket on a t-shirt does magic to embrace the look of your attire. Go casual, go professional, go crazy but go with style.

5. Broaden up your options

trending clothes

As most of the guys stick to the monotony while buying clothes, a normal t-shirt with a pair of denim and those boring formal shirts. You have one life, expand your options to portray your persona. Why stick with normals, when you have plethora of options lying in stores? Look for shorts, cool t-shirts, stylish shirts, trendy shoes and accessories to accentuate your look.

6. Ignite the love for colors

well colored clothes

Colors play the trick of transforming the boring you to an enigmatic you. Love colors in your clothing. The season is on, why to tap for the dull shades? Invite dynamic reds, blues, purples and fill your wardrobe with vibrant shades. And yes, accompany your confidence along to enlighten your look.

7. Invest on shoes

well shoes

While you hone your dressing skills, it is imperative that you make a statement with shoes. Shoes enhances your personality whether man or woman. It turns any humdrum look into a notable deal. Make sure you accessorize your dress up well so that even in crowd you gleam like a real man.

Dressing up is fun guys, its no more women’s deal. You need to take stand for your dress up and play with fashion making it classy and cool.



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