Cancer, the word itself is enough to make you shiver. Perhaps one of the most alarming aspects of the ailment is that there is still so much we don’t know about it. But development is being made in understanding the contributing factors and in budding treatments. Inheritance influences your risk of developing certain cancers, but factors considered “environmental”, such as smoking and alcohol consumption appear to play important roles, too. Cancer alternative treatments aim to correct the root causes.  Instead of assertively offending the tumour, these alternative treatments focus on reforming the body’s natural immunity and underpinning its inherent ability to destroy cancer cells.

The doctors may choose to use one treatment process or a combination of methods. These are the standard treatments that are being used on cancer patients. Cancer alternative treatments are much less expensive than orthodox cancer treatments.  But since the healing of cancer is usually a harrowing and scrupulous process, the patient needs other cancer alternative treatments alongside the conventional ones. Cancer needs to be cured not only in body but also in spirits. The goal of cancer alternative treatments is to provide treatment options for people with cancer without involving a lot of money and yet providing a healthy life ahead.


What are alternative treatments?

Alternative treatment is used instead of conventional medical treatments. A few major things which are focused during cancer alternative treatments are building the immune structure, implementing anti-tumour protocols, and detoxification. Unlike when a patient gets chemotherapy or radiation treatments, alternative treatments build up the body as it demolish cancer cells and stabilise the body by detoxification methods in order to liberate the body of cancer waste.

A number of cancer alternative treatments also include natural methods to directly attack and obliterate the tumour; whether by herbs, enzymes or other means .Stress reduction and emotional healing are a crucial part of constant effective treatments for cancer. The mind and body are thoroughly connected and actually they are one system.

Cancer alternative treatments include the following aspects:

  • Diet, probably vegetarian, low sugar.
  • Individualized nutrient supplementation.
  • Immune enrichment, or modulation, using a variety of vitamins and minerals.
  • Hormone remedy.
  • Complete enzyme therapy– Natural enzymes help shatter down the protective protein covering that environs cancer cells.
  • Oxidative therapies.
  • Oxygenating therapies.
  • Live cell treatment.
  • Far infrared sauna detoxification remedy.
  • Liver detoxification therapies.
  • Physical therapies and exercise.
  • Botanical or herbal remedies.
  • Homeopathic medication.
  • Chiropractic drug
  • Anti-Microbial treatment.
  • Acupuncture
  • Stress Management
  • Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation treatment– This treatment to the blood recovers microcirculation and oxygenation of tissues, stimulates the immune system, and is a dominant antiviral, antibacterial and inflammatory treatment. It is also known to diminish the size of large tumours.

Cancer alternative treatments are emerging as a new hope for the cancer patients in curing their cancer and to live a longer life. The success of these cancer alternative treatments indicates that in the near future, it is quite expected that they will engage a superior place in the struggle against cancer.




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