With Aadhar Card’s new Lock-Unlock feature in place, data integrity will not suffer

Have an Aadhar card? Ever thought that somebody could spy on your Aadhar details and misuse them for their benefit. If you did, here is a good news for you! Now, you can lock your Aadhaar biometric details to keep it safe and unlock it whenever you want it at your disposal.

Ever since, it’s inception, Aadhar card has been on a roll. It is a prime requisite for many digital processes in the country.

The brainchild of UIDAI, Aadhar card is now introduced with additional features for robust security of Aadhar card holder details.

The officials of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) have introduced a new security feature to lock the biometric details (fingerprint and retinal scan data).

Simultaneously, the UIDAI introduced the lock and unlock facility, after multiple allegations in nexus with integrity of Aadhar card details entered into the market.

Biometric data of citizens is utilized by a battery of platforms which entail direct transfer of benefits via government schemes.

As a matter of fact, various organisations like banks, mobile phone operators, driving license issuers, among many others have access to it.

“People can hack into this data and access individuals’ details, including bank accounts,” a UIDAI official warned.

“Each time you shop and pay using your fingerprint, the data processed by POS machines can be hacked. Fingerprint details can be captured as well,” the official added.

The lock and unlock facility is only a voluntary facility given to all Aadhar card holders.

The lock and unlock facility enables the user to lock the Aadhar card details when unneeded. The information, once unlocked does not allow to even a fraction of information. “If a person wants to lock his data, he or she can do it. No other person can unlock it. One can keep it locked as long as one wishes,” the official said.