Celebrated actor Vinod Mehra spilled magic in his short lifetime. Here is a tribute to the legend

The celebrated actor who had redefined the meaning of movie entertainment, the highly acclaimed name in the Bollywood domain, Vinod Mehra is someone who has carved a niche for himself across the Indian entertainment industry. His works are still being remembered and watched owing to its vivacity and beauty.

Aatank, Aurat Aurat Aurat, Insaniyat, Police Wala, Pyar Ka Karz, Shehzaade are only some for the stellar films by Vinod Mehra. Many of his films were released after his death. These were Patthar Ke Phool (1991 film), Insaniyat (1994) and Aurat Aurat Aurat (1996). These films were dedicated to the fond memories of the legendary actor.

Let’s now have a look at a brief snapshot of Vinod Mehra’s biography.

Vinod Mehra who was born on 13 February 1945, started out as an Indian child actor in Bollywood films in the late 1950s. He made his debut in the Bollywood as a child artist with the film Raagni. In the film, he played the younger version of the character played by Kishore Kumar.

He started his career as an Indian actor as an adult in Bollywood films in the 1970s. The movie was English play based and was titled ‘Ek Thi Rita’. The film was co-starring Tanuja and Vinod Mehra in the lead. He continued working as the actor at the age of 45.

Thereafter, he took up the role of becoming a producer and director of the film Gurudev, during the shooting of which Vinod died due to a heart attack 30 October 1990. The movie was then directed by Ramesh Sippy and the movie was released 3 years after his death.

As far as Mehra’s personal life is concerned, Mehra married three times. His first marriage was with Meena Broca, soon after which Mehra got a heart attack. Consequently, Mehra decided to marry his leading lady Bindiya Goswami. But that marriage too failed. He then married Kiran with whom he had two children. Mehra was survived by his wife and two children Soniya and Rohan. Kiran moved to Kenya to raise her children.



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