After Statue of Unity, India to get world’s tallest Shiva Murti in Rajasthan; to be inaugurated by March 2019

Our country is scaling in every dimension and how necessary it is, after the country’s sluggish performance for the last 60 years under a corrupt governance. India is creating a mark on the globe, with its grandeur and splendor.

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Statue of Unity in Gujarat. With a height of 597 feet, it is the world’s tallest statue. The Statue is a tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. But this isn’t the end, India will soon have the world’s tallest Shiva Murti in Rajasthan. It will have a height of 351 feet; making it visible sight from around 20 km away.

The statue is on the verge of completion and is likely to inaugurate by March 2019. The project will have as many as 750 workers working on the project. Along with the statue, the Nathdwara area will also have a theatre and a garden, for the tourists to witness.



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